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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Curriculum Development Process
Regulation Number:  RG-3106/A
Effective Date:  10/6/98
Approval Date:  10/6/98
Review Date(s):               
Revision Date(s):   
Sponsoring Unit/Department: AVC Educational Services
Policy Title(s) & No(s).: Curriculum Development, BP-3106
Legal Reference: State Board R7-1-701 and R7-1-702
Cross Reference: RG-3105/A and BP-3117

I.      Purpose

The purpose of the Pima Community College curriculum is to provide learning experiences that enable individuals to function effectively in school, workplace, home, and community.  The curriculum developed to support that mission expresses the essence of the College by reflecting, shaping, and meeting the educational needs, both personal and professional, of its diverse, multi-cultural community.  The effectiveness of the curriculum is measured by the degree to which the College accomplishes these purposes in a credible, professional, ethical manner, and in support of other college-wide assessments/evaluation policies and procedures.

II.   Roles and Responsibilities

Credit and non-credit curriculum development is a college-wide endeavor with administrators providing leadership, faculty providing expertise, and college staff providing data and technical assistance.  Specifically, faculty meet as the College-Wide Discipline Area Committees (CDACs) to review and comment on curriculum developed within their subject areas, College curriculum specialists expedite curricular submissions, administrators review, comment, and sign curricular items prior to sending them to the College Curriculum Office for inclusion in the college-wide curriculum system.

The College's Board of Governors authorizes through the Senior Vice Chancellor for Educational Planning and Development the authority to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services to approve new courses, course inactivations, course deletions, course/certificate/degree modifications, and general education requirements. A summary of these curricular transactions will be submitted to the College's Board of Governors on a semi-annual basis.

In developing new programs at the College, a program initiator(s) proposes a new degree or certificate idea through the college-wide pre-concept approval process.  If the pre-concept is approved by the Chancellor's Cabinet, the program pre-concept is subject to a feasibility study conducted by the College Curriculum Office in conjunction with other College planning and research departments.  An approved pre-concept approval form for the program with feasibility documentation is submitted to the Chancellor's Cabinet and the program is submitted through the State Board's Early and Final Alert notification system.

The Pima County Community College District Board of Governors approves curriculum in accordance with regulation R7-1-701 of the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona.  The College's Board of Governors approves degrees and certificates of four types: transfer, occupational, workforce, and general studies. 

The State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona approves new degrees and certificates as described in R7-1-702.  According to this statute, the College submits its proposed programs for review and comment through the State's Early Alert System; the College submits its approved new degrees and certificates through the State's Final Alert System.