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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:   Curriculum Alignment, Unification and Placement
Regulation Number:
Effective Date:     5/5/98
Approval Date:  5/5/98
Review Date(s):   4/7/09
Revision Date(s):   4/7/09
Schedule for Review & Update:   Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Sponsoring Unit/Department:   Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Services
Policy Title(s) & No(s).:    Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:     
Cross Reference:  Catalog, BP-3104

I.       Purpose

This regulation sets forth the standards and a framework solely for the alignment, unification, and placement of credit and non-credit curriculum (programs, prefixes, and courses) which qualify for state funding.  The alignment, unification, and placement process ensures that the College's curriculum is accessible, comprehensible, and responsive to student, community, and market demand.

This regulation ensures that College degree and certificate programs are simplified and unified, in support of enhanced marketing and student advising thereby reducing the students' overall costs for their education.  Further, it ensures compliance with the various federal laws affecting the awarding of financial aid through the Re-Authorization Higher Education Act, the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, and the reporting of degree and certificate completers to the U. S. Department of Education and to the Arizona State Legislature.  Finally, it promotes student access and success by emphasizing and, in selected areas, establishing the infrastructure for identifying student goal development, program admission, academic progress, retention, and student goal attainment.

This regulation is not intended to terminate or layoff faculty and staff whose programs are selected for alignment, unification and/or relocation throughout the College District.  Rather, through faculty leadership and collaboration, the overall intent is to strengthen and reinvigorate curriculum, and increase institutional effectiveness to be more responsive to the needs of students and community partners as well as to comply with all federal and state laws.

II.      Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Governors authorizes the Chancellor to delegate through the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Vice Provost the authority to implement, manage, and evaluate the alignment, unification, and program placement procedures and outcomes for the College District. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Services and Vice Provost defines the roles and responsibilities for the procedures employed by the central administration and the campuses. Additionally, this office will develop objective criteria to implement the alignment, unification, and placement of College curriculum.

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PCC Board Policy BP-3104