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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title: Catalog Information
Regulation Number: RG-3104/A
Effective Date: 10/7/98
Approval Date: 10/7/98
Review Date(s): 5/30/00
Revision Date(s): 5/30/00
Sponsoring Unit/Department: AVC Educational Services
Policy Title(s) & No(s).: Catalog, BP-3104
Legal Reference: State Board R7-1-701, R7-1-702, and R7-1-209
Cross Reference: RG-3105/A, RG-3105/B, and RG-3106/A

The college catalog provides students, prospective students, and other College constituents with essential, accurate information about the College's credit curriculum except workforce response courses, to promote student academic success.

An electronic version of the annual catalog will also be published with updated information as it is approved by the Board of Governors.  The electronic version of the catalog will reflect corrections and new programs approved by the Board of Governors.  Modifications to existing degrees and certificates will not be published in the electronic version of the annual catalog.  Modifications to a degree or certificate may only be published in a fall semester in conjunction with the publication of the annual catalog.  Thus only one version of a degree or certificate will be published annually.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services is responsible for the official credit curriculum information published in the annual catalog.  Annually, the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services will send three copies of the current catalog to the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges of Arizona.