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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Operations and Maintenance
Regulation Number:  RG-2501/A
Effective Date:  6/15/94
Approval Date:  6/15/94
Review Date(s):  6/16/97, 7/9/03
Revision Date(s):   6/16/97, 7/9/03
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Administrative Services & Facilities
Policy Title(s) & No(s).:  Operations and Maintenance, BP-2501
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference: 

The Office of the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administrative Services, delegates authority and responsibility to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and Facilities for the establishment of the necessary procedures and guidelines to ensure that the College properly maintains and operates it facilities.

The maintenance program will include but is not necessarily limited to the following components:

  1. building and grounds maintenance and modifications;
  2. central plants, equipment operations, modifications and maintenance; and
  3. custodial and support services