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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Sexual Violence
Regulation Number: RG-1505/A
Effective Date: 5/30/96
Approval Date:  5/29/96
Review Date(s):   9/12/00, 6/19/02
Revision Date(s): 9/12/00, 6/19/02
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Administrative Services and Facilities
Policy Title(s) & No(s).:  Institutional Security, BP-1505
Legal Reference: Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistic Act; 34 CFR Part 668 (Student Assistance General Provisions); Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13, Chapter 14
Cross Reference:             

The Office of the Chancellor delegates responsibility through the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and Facilities to the Department of Public Safety for ensuring that the Board Policy on Institutional Security as it relates to sexual violence is implemented.

Institutional Responsibility
Pima Community College shall provide an environment for its students, employees and visitors that will, to the greatest extent possible, preclude the occurrence of and encourage the reporting of sexual violence.  For purposes of this regulation, the term "sexual violence" includes rape, acquaintance rape, or any other sexual offenses, forcible or nonforcible, and is based on definitions provided in 34 CFR Part 668 and Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 13, Chapter 14.

Reporting Responsibility
Any student or employee who witnesses sexual violence or is informed about an alleged sexual offense shall, as soon as possible after such an event, contact the College's Department of Public Safety.  Visitors are strongly encouraged to report any information they have regarding alleged sexual offenses to the College's Department of Public Safety.  Further, any student, employee or visitor who is a victim of sexual violence on college-controlled premises or at any college sponsored or supervised activity is encouraged to report immediately such violence to the College's Department of Public Safety, and may obtain redress through college processes and the civil or criminal justice system.

Educational Programs
The College will utilize a number of strategies and activities specifically designed to educate the college community regarding sexual offense issues and to promote awareness of strategies to prevent sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, and other sex offenses. The strategies and activities referenced above may include the use of posters, flyers, brochures, videos, lectures, rape aggression defense (RAD) training, and awareness events. The Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with the Affirmative Action Office, the Community Relations Department, Campus Deans of Student Development and the PCC Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Committee will be responsible for preparing, scheduling and conducting the various education programs. The office of the Vice Chancellor for Educational Services will facilitate the cooperation of the responsible departments to ensure compliance with this section of the regulation.

Crisis Response Team
The College will establish a Crisis Response Team, which will be activated by the Department of Public Safety in the event of an alleged sexual offense. The Crisis Response Team will provide assistance, direction or decision making authority as needed in any cases of alleged sexual offenses. The team will be composed of: specially trained officers (male and/or female as appropriate); an investigating officer; the appropriate campus president or designee; the Vice Chancellor for Educational Services or designee for incidents at the DCO/DSSC and non-campus specific locations; appropriate campus dean of student development and/or appropriate designee for students; VC for Human Resources or designee for college employees; and other selected community offices such as a Community Mental Health Services staff representative and representatives of the Victim Witness Unit and Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault. The Vice Chancellor for Educational Services and the Chancellor will be informed of any act of sexual violence involving a member of the College community or a visitor regardless of the location of the incident. The Department of Public Safety shall be responsible for making the appropriate notifications to the College community.

A student who is found through the Student Code of Conduct or otherwise to have committed a sexual offense in violation of College policy, shall be subject to discipline, up to an including suspension or expulsion and possible criminal prosecution.

An employee who is found through College administrative proceedings or otherwise to have committed a sexual offense in violation of College policy, shall be subject to discipline up to and including termination and possible criminal prosecution.