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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Appointment of Acting Administrators
Board Policy Number: BP-4102
Adoption Date:  10/21/81
Revision Date(s):               
Sponsoring Unit/Department: Chancellor / VC Human Resources
Motion Number:  2708, 2709
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference: 

The Board of Governors recognizes that from time to time the Chief Executive Officer needs to appoint acting administrators as a result of sabbatical leaves, leaves of absence or other circumstances.

Therefore, the Chief Executive Officer shall develop appropriate regulations and procedures for the appointment of acting administrators within the operating units as the need arises.  Further, the regulations and procedures shall require the Chief Executive Officer and the Board's approval for all such acting appointments, which call for a change of contract.  In cases of contract change, the Chief Executive Officer shall report such acting appointments to the Board for ratification.