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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Public Access and Expression on College Property
Board Policy Number:  BP-3605
Adoption Date:  4/11/01
Revision Date(s):  11/17/09, 1/13/15
Review Date(s):  1/13/15
Schedule for Review & Update:   Annually
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:  Board of Governors
Sponsoring Unit/Department:
   Board of Governors
Motion Number:  6163
Legal Reference:             
Cross Reference:

The Governing Board believes that freedom to teach and learn, to express oneself in a visible and accessible way, and the freedom to assemble lawfully and protest peacefully are essential to academic freedom and the continuing function of the College.  Further the Board believes in responsible enjoyment and exercise of these rights for all.  Time, place, and manner limitations will, therefore, be provided to prevent infringement upon the rights of others or interference with the peaceful and lawful use and enjoyment of College premises, facilities, and programs.