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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title: Conflict of Interest
Board Policy Number:
Adoption Date:  10/8/08
Revision Date(s):  10/8/08
Schedule for Review and Update:  Annually
Unit Responsible for Review and Update:  Board of Governors / Chancellor
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  Board of Governors / Chancellor
Motion Number:  6834
Legal Reference:  Arizona Revised Statues § 38-501 through 38-511
Cross Reference:  Use of Facilities, BP-2503

Members of the Governing Board will conduct Board activities in a manner that will exemplify ethical behavior and conduct.  Members will not advance or protect their own interests, or the interest of others with whom they have relationships, in ways that are detrimental to College’s service to the community.  Governing Board members will comply with the Arizona Conflict of Interest laws found in A.R.S. §§38-501 through 38-511. 

When a Governing Board member is faced with a situation in which the Board member, or a relative of the Board member as specified by ARS 38-502, has what the Arizona Conflict of Interest laws define as a substantial interest in a contract, grant, purchase or other decision coming before the Board, the Board member will (1) publicly declare the interest, (2) file an appropriate disclosure of the interest in the College’s conflict file, and (3) refrain from voting upon or otherwise participating as a Board member in such decision.

If a Governing Board member has any question about whether a particular interest of a Board member or a Board member's relative fits within the definition of a substantial interest, the Board member should contact the Chancellor for assistance with respect to such determination.