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Update from the Interim Chancellor on salary increases

This email concerning 2013-14 salary increases for PCC staff was sent by Dr. Zelema Harris to the College community on 4/22/13.


I am pleased to announce that our Governing Board earlier tonight approved a salary increase for PCC staff, regular faculty and non-executive administrators for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The salary increase is a reflection of the fact that our most valuable asset is our hardworking employees. You are the backbone of the College.

Here are the details of the increases:

  • Non-exempt staff will receive a 3 percent salary pool increase to fund steps for those who attain a step, with the remainder of the pool to be used to lift the schedule.
  • Exempt staff will receive a 2 percent salary schedule lift.
  • Faculty will receive a 3 percent salary pool increase to fund steps.
  • Non-executive administrators will receive a 1 percent salary schedule lift.

Under the plan approved by the Board, the College’s 12 executive administrators will not receive a salary increase. They will receive a 0.5 percent pay supplement to offset increases in retirement costs.

The Board voted after receiving information from Executive Vice Chancellor Dr. David Bea on several salary scenarios. The agenda of tonight's meeting contains information presented to the Board on salaries.

Zelema Harris,
Interim Chancellor