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Update from the Interim Chancellor on activities to meet HLC requirements

This email concerning responsibilities for leading the effort to compile the HLC monitoring report and self-study was sent by Dr. Zelema Harris to the College community on 4/19/13.


As you are aware, the Higher Learning Commission has directed the College to file a monitoring report outlining our plan to conform with HLC practices relating to complaints and grievance procedures, and to faculty oversight of curriculum, no later than August 1, 2013.   Also, the College must file a comprehensive self-study that provides clear evidence that we have resolved the problems identified by the HLC and are meeting all accreditation criteria, by July 14, 2014.  

As I work with internal and external constituencies to address PCC’s areas in need of improvement, I am supporting the Provost’s Office as it takes the lead in the preparation of a response plan for the monitoring report and self-study.   More specific information will be available shortly regarding the process and ways the College community can participate. 

Together we will help restore the HLC’s fullest confidence in PCC.

Thank you,

Zelema Harris
Interim Chancellor