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Emails to the PCC Community

View recent emails sent by Chancellor Lambert to members of the College community.

Dec. 2 Academic Reorganization
Oct. 24 College receives new grants totaling more than $6 million
Sept. 6 Pima College Police Department
Aug. 12 Pima earns National Science Foundation grant
Aug. 7 Pima wins major equity award
July 8 New Law Governing College Compensation for Employee Representative Groups
June 27 Pima is chosen to lead a $4.23 million grant to drive innovation in apprenticeships
May 24 Personnel Announcement, Executive Director of Employee Service Center
May 2 Higher Learning Commission
Mar. 7 Northwest Campus opens Friday
Mar. 7 Arrest of adjunct faculty member
Feb. 12 Higher Learning Commission issues its report on Pima
Jan. 22 Move Communication
Dec. 19 Associate Provost
Nov. 30 Law Enforcement Update
Nov. 15 New Era of Opportunity
Aug. 25 Passing of Senator McCain
Aug. 22 Alison Colter-Mack
Aug. 3 Dr. Lorraine Morales Retirement
Aug. 2 Georgia Brousseau Passes Away
July 11 Personnel Announcement, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance
June 28 Provost and Presidents Restructure
June 11 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Students
June 11 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Enrollment Services
May 22 Personnel Announcement, Vice President of Student Affairs
May 22 Faculty Member Dennis Landry Passes Away
May 9 Community Forum May 15
May 9 2018 Graduation Ceremony
Apr. 18 April 13 Meeting Follow-up
Apr. 17 Personnel Announcement, Interim Transition Officer
Apr. 10 DACA Update
Apr. 9 Self ID Survey
Mar. 29 April 13 All-College Meeting
Mar. 26 Basketball Team Celebration
Mar. 26 Berryman Retirement and HR changes
Mar. 8 Future of PCC Football Discussion
Mar. 8 Budget Update
Mar. 7 PCC: Building Our Success Story
Mar. 1 Update on DACA
Feb. 15 Invitation: 2018 Futures Conference
Feb. 14 DACA Update
Jan. 24 Personnel Announcement, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance (Acting)
Jan. 22 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
Jan. 10 Personnel Announcement: Executive Director for Faculty Affairs and Development
Jan. 9 Changes to BP 1.25