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Emails to the PCC Community

View recent emails sent by Chancellor Lambert to members of the College community.

Nov. 30 Law Enforcement Update
Nov. 15 New Era of Opportunity
Aug. 25 Passing of Senator McCain
Aug. 22 Alison Colter-Mack
Aug. 3 Dr. Lorraine Morales Retirement
Aug. 2 Georgia Brousseau Passes Away
July 11 Personnel Announcement, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance
June 28 Provost and Presidents Restructure
June 11 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Students
June 11 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Enrollment Services
May 22 Personnel Announcement, Vice President of Student Affairs
May 22 Faculty Member Dennis Landry Passes Away
May 9 Community Forum May 15
May 9 2018 Graduation Ceremony
Apr. 18 April 13 Meeting Follow-up
Apr. 17 Personnel Announcement, Interim Transition Officer
Apr. 10 DACA Update
Apr. 9 Self ID Survey
Mar. 29 April 13 All-College Meeting
Mar. 26 Basketball Team Celebration
Mar. 26 Berryman Retirement and HR changes
Mar. 8 Future of PCC Football Discussion
Mar. 8 Budget Update
Mar. 7 PCC: Building Our Success Story
Mar. 1 Update on DACA
Feb. 15 Invitation: 2018 Futures Conference
Feb. 14 DACA Update
Jan. 24 Personnel Announcement, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance (Acting)
Jan. 22 Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
Jan. 10 Personnel Announcement: Executive Director for Faculty Affairs and Development
Jan. 9 Changes to BP 1.25
Dec. 11 Summer 2018 plan
Nov. 27 Personnel Announcement: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
Oct. 9 Personnel governance update
Sept. 8 Maintaining civility at PCC
Sept. 7 Personnel announcement:  Dean of Communications
Sept. 5 PCC statement on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Aug. 31 DACA update
Aug. 2 Security update: District Office vandalism
July 6 2017-2021 Strategic Plan is online
Jun. 21 DACA decisions
Jun. 16 2017-18 budget update
Jun. 16 Personnel announcement, Interim Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Jun. 5 Bram Goldman, a champion of open access in education, passes away
May 30 Personnel announcement: Dean of Science
May 24 Former Board member and civic giant Rudy Castro passes away
May 24 Provost selection
May 12 In perspective: Wages, the FY 2018 Budget, and our Future
Apr. 18 LPN Program Approval
Mar. 22 UPDATE:  Details on Summer 2017
Mar. 21 Personnel Announcement:  Director of Libraries
Mar. 9 HLC removes PCC from Notice!
Feb. 15 Internal Audit of Athletics
Feb. 2 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Arts and Humanities
Jan. 30 Living our values
Jan. 27 HLC update
Jan. 27 Details on Summer 2017
Jan. 20 A great All Faculty Day
Jan. 12 Update on Summer 2017
Jan. 9 Personnel Announcement, Acting Dean of Communications
Jan. 4 Personnel Announcement, Dean of Workforce Development & Continuing Education
Jan. 3 Personnel Announcement: Special Assistant to the Chancellor

Dec. 21 HLC Peer Review Team Findings
Dec. 14 Summer 2017 schedule
Dec. 13 Budget planning
Dec. 13 HLC draft feedback report
Dec. 8 Stand up to harassment
Dec. 7 Personnel Announcement: Dean of Social Sciences and Student Affairs
Dec.  5 Awaiting HLC feedback report
Nov. 30 PCC commitment to DREAMers and DACA students
Nov. 16 A message from the Chancellor
Nov. 9 Election 2016
Oct. 31 Six ways PCC is no. 1
Oct. 21 West Campus Incident Closure
Oct. 19 Personnel Announcement, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance
Sept. 28 Update: HLC Focused Visit
Sept. 22 HLC Peer Review Team Schedule
Sept. 16 Achieve60AZ
Sept. 14 HSI Week
Sept. 13 HLC Update
Sept. 9 Update: Aviation Technology Center
Sept. 1 Release of Key Performance Indicator data
Aug. 25 Personnel announcement, Vice President of Instruction, West Campus
Aug. 23 Personnel announcement, Vice President of Instruction, Downtown Campus
Aug. 5 Issues within CTD-LPN
Aug. 5 Accreditation update
Aug. 5 Aviation Technology Center update
Aug. 4 Personnel announcement: Chief of Police
July 8 Moment of silence
July 8 Personnel announcement, Vice President of Adult Basic Education for College & Career
July 1 HLC approves Aviation Technology Center site
June 29 Notice report sent to HLC
June 23 Update: PCC and Military Affiliated Services
June 20 Personnel announcement: Vice President for International Development
June 20 Draft of Notice Report is online
June 16 Personnel announcement: Acting Director of Veterans and Military Affiliated Services
June 14 Financial aid update
June 13 Embracing Diversity Amid Tragedy
June 8 Personnel announcement: Vice Chancellor for External Relations
June 2 Shooting at UCLA
May 31 Personnel announcement, Chief Information Officer/AVC Information Technology
May 19 Update: Aviation Technology Center
May 16 Mission Fulfillment Key Performance Indicators
May 12 Review of May 5 Financial Aid Training
May 11 Personnel announcement, Deputy Counsel
Apr. 12 Reiterating our Commitment to Diversity
Mar. 29 College Safety
Mar. 23 Disability Self-Identification Survey
Mar. 21 A tragic attack, a local threat, and a commitment to safety
Mar. 9 Public service message
Feb. 24 Open forum with faculty
Jan. 26 Joining together in the face of economic challenges
Jan. 11 PCC Releasing Financial Aid Consultant's Recommendations
Dec. 22 PCC's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Dec. 14 New Board of Governors member named
Nov. 25 Administrative Reorganization (sent on behalf of the Campus Presidents)
Nov. 25 Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 17 Invitation: Attend "Creating a Culture of Service Excellence"
Nov. 16 Our condolences to Paris
Nov. 6 Congratulations to our student athletes
Oct. 25 Election Day 2015
Oct. 23 Personnel announcement, Executive Director, PCC Foundation
Oct. 19 Board of Governors Announcement
Oct. 14 Oct. 12 Security Incident
Oct. 9 With Profound Sympathy to Northern Arizona University
Oct. 8 Moment of Silence for Umpqua Community College Today at 11 a.m.
Oct. 8 Personnel Announcement, Acting Provost
Sept. 30 PCC4Me -- A Great Night for Pima Community College!
Sept. 28 Request for Letters of Interest, Acting Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Sept. 25 Administrative changes at PCC
Sept. 10 Faculty qualifications update
Sept. 8 Employee health and wellness
Aug. 31 New Board of Governors member named
Aug. 25 Revised Drop-Add Date Due to Bus Strike
Aug. 20 HLC Clarification
Aug. 12 Staff Qualifications & The Road Ahead
July 31 Personnel announcement: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Curriculum and Academic Services
July 24 Personnel announcement: Vice President of Distance Education
June 30 Board Announcement
May 21 Graduation, a look back, and a look forward
May 13 Personnel announcement: Executive Director, PCC Foundation
May 8 Personnel announcement:  Interim Vice Chancellor for Operations
May 5 College reorganization meeting, May 6
May 5 Personnel announcement:  West Campus President retiring
Apr. 28 Finance update
Mar. 10 Update: PCC is removed from Probation
Mar. 9 PCC is removed from Probation!
Mar. 9 State budget update (to students)
Mar. 9 Final state budget (to employees)
Mar. 4 State budget update
Feb. 23 2014 Chancellor's Cabinet survey results
Feb. 23 Provost a finalist in presidential search in Midwest
Feb. 12 Personnel Announcement: Positions in Institutional Advancement
Feb. 5 Accreditation update
Feb. 4 Update: Federal review of PCC student aid processes
Feb. 4 Assessment of Human Resources
Feb. 2 Personnel Announcement: AVC for Accreditation
Jan. 28 Invitation: Creating a more civil workplace
Jan. 26 Report from HLC Institutional Actions Council
Jan. 21 Update: Federal review of PCC student aid processes
Jan. 16 Gov. Ducey's Proposed Budget
Jan. 16 Personnel Announcement: President of East Campus (Acting)
Jan. 15 HLC hearing/budget outlook meetings
Jan. 9 Personnel Announcement: Vice President of Workforce Development
Jan. 9 Accreditation Update
Jan. 7 Personnel Announcement, Executive Director of Developmental Education
Dec. 23 Personnel Announcement, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Dec. 16 Recommendation of HLC Site Evaluation Team
Dec. 10 Personnel Announcement, Acting Vice President for International Development
Dec. 9 End of Fall Semester Message
Nov. 21 HLC Draft Report
Nov. 18 PCC financial and budget outlook
Nov. 3 Lawsuit filed against PCC
Oct. 27 Invitation: Be part of the Institutional Climate Cooperative
Sept. 18 Higher Learning Commission site evaluation visit
Sept. 17 New Director of Veterans and Military Affiliated Services
Sept. 3 Receipt by PCC of letter from former Chancellor Flores
Aug. 25 A new semester - and a new day - at PCC
Aug. 21 HLC Evaluation Team announced
Aug. 7 Personnel Announcement:  Interim Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
July 30 PCC submits self-study report to the Higher Learning Commission
July 25 Leadership, Office of Information Technology
July 24 Desert Vista Campus Leadership
July 15 Personnel Announcement: New VPSDs and Acting VC
July 10 Personnel Announcement: Director, Records Management
June 27 Personnel Announcement: Director, Office of Dispute Resolution
June 19 Administrative changes at PCC
June 12 Downtown Campus leadership
June 11 Employee evaluations and Arizona public records law
June 10 Community Campus announcement
June 3 New Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
May 22 As the semester ends, an exciting summer begins
May 21 Update on searches for campus presidents, provost
May 14 Northwest Campus Announcement
May 12 Institutional Self-Study Report draft is online
May 1 Personnel announcement: Leadership at Desert Vista
Apr. 30 Leadership at our Northwest, Community and Downtown campuses
Apr. 17 PCC's new Office of Dispute Resolution
Apr. 7 Johnson Bia to Lead PCC Workforce Initiative
Apr. 7 Personnel announcement: Dr. Karrie Mitchell
Apr. 4 Personnel announcement:  Michael Hanson
Apr. 2 Personnel announcement: Terra Benson
Apr. 2 Evaluation team from HLC to visit PCC Sept. 15-17, 2014
Apr. 1 Personnel announcement:  Nic Richmond
Apr. 1 Personnel announcement:  Heather Tilson
Mar. 27 New executive director of PCC Department of Public Safety
Mar. 24 Survey of employee satisfaction
Feb. 26 Invitation to attend a presentation by AACC President Bumphus
Feb. 19 The passing of Janet Farler
Feb. 4 To selected employees: Service on PCC's Strategic Planning Committee
Jan. 29 Personnel changes in our nursing program
Jan. 29 Visiting the Campuses and Learning Centers
Jan. 24 Students: Welcome to the Spring 2014 semester
Jan. 14 Reminder about Dr. Kay McClenney’s presentation
Jan. 7 Remembering January 8
Jan. 3 New start time for Governing Board Regular Meetings


Dec. 20 Experts on Developmental Education to visit PCC
Dec. 17 Chancellor's Season Greetings
Dec. 17 Dr. Mark McCabe returns to PCC
Dec. 16 Pima's future is in your hands
Dec. 12 Sad news about a former PCC student
Dec, 10 Information security at PCC
Dec. 9 CANCELLED: AACC President Dr. Walter Bumphus' Dec. 10 visit to Pima CC
Dec. 6 INVITATION: Presentation, President of American Association of Community Colleges
Dec. 4 Arrest at East Campus
Nov. 26 College Employee Satisfaction Survey
Nov. 25 Downtown Campus President Selection
Nov. 21 Safety and security at PCC
Nov. 14 Chancellor's Cabinet survey results
Nov. 1 Executive Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness
Oct. 31 Deans at Community Campus
Oct. 24 Interim President of Community Campus
Oct. 22 Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Oct. 11 Shutdown and your enrollment at PCC
Oct. 7 Police Department new reporting line
Sept. 30 Update: Federal Government Shutdown
Sept. 24 Leadership Transition at Downtown Campus
Sept. 23 Downtown Campus Up-date
Sept. 23 Meeting Invitation
Aug. 30 Welcome to Academic Year 13/14
Aug. 6 Higher Learning Commission Approves PCC Monitoring Report
July 18 Human Resources Leadership
July 1 Sad news concerning two former students