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Emeritus Status

The Board of Governors confers Emeritus status on distinguished individuals, retired from the College, to signify honor and respect for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the College over many years.

This distinction is a tribute to the special relationship that will extend well into the future as the College periodically calls upon the services of these highly regarded colleagues for the benefit of the College community.

Faculty and administrators receiving such an award exemplify the characteristics of ideal community college educators who, through their professional careers at Pima Community College, have contributed significantly to disciplines or services, professional organizations, their campuses, the Central Office, the College district, and the Pima community.

  • James E. Gibson, Ed.D., Provost Emeritus 1991
  • Edward M. Duperret, M.Ed., Faculty Emeritus 1992
  • Leland H. Scott, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 1992
  • Henry “Hank” Oyama, M.Ed., Vice President Emeritus 1992
  • Robert Longoni, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 1993
  • Jamie Trainer, M.S., Faculty Emerita 1993
  • Constance Howard, M.S., Dean Emerita 1993
  • Johnas F. Hockaday, Ph.D., Chancellor Emeritus 1995
  • Max Jules Gottschalk, B.A., Faculty Emeritus 1999
  • Robert D. Jensen, Ed.D., Chancellor Emeritus 2003
  • Angela Zerdavis, Ed.D., President and Faculty Emerita 2004
  • Miguel A. Palacios, Ph.D., President Emeritus 2004
  • Philip J. Silvers, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor Emeritus 2004
  • Arthur Alberding, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2005

  • Gun Elisabet Bailey, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Guadalupe Castillo, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Anne Franklin, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Richard Fridena, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Margaret Fried, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Mary Kay Gilliland, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Jo Ann Little, M.Ed., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Nancy Wall, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • George Welch, M.S., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Paul Welsh, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2015
  • Charles A. Land, M.Ed., Faculty Emeritus, 2016
  • David V. Stephen, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2016
  • Gustavo Chavez, M.A. Faculty Emeritus 2017
  • Joseph Labuda, M.L.S., Faculty Emeritus 2017
  • Antonio Arroyo, M.S.L.S., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Ann Christensen, Ph.D., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Margaret K. Files, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Rita Flattley, M.A.Ed., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Marty Frailey, M.A.Ed., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Tommie Miller, M.C.P, M.A., M.S.W., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Stephen Romaniello, B.F.A., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Eileen Perry Schwartz, M.M., Faculty Emeritus 2018
  • Rosalia Solórzano, M.A., Faculty Emeritus 2019