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Board Priorities

Governing Board
Fall 2017-Fall 2018 Strategic Priorities and Goals

Approved by the Board on September 13, 2017

At the July 2017 Pima Community College Governing Board retreat, the following strategic priorities were identified. These strategic priorities will be evaluated as part of the annual Board Self Evaluation.

1.  Focus on Enrollment Management
Highly focused attention on short and long term enrollment management with expectations of measurable results and outcomes to ensure institutional stability. 
2.  Alignment and Timing of Budget Process 
Oversee the development of an inclusive process and timeline that aligns major budgetary decisions to provide the Governing Board multiple options.
3.  Enhance the Image of District and Advocate for the College
Oversee and monitor branding and marketing initiatives while continuing to advocate for the college at the local, state and national level and within the private sector.
4.  Review Select Policies
Continue to review and update policies including: ethics, agenda, diversity and code of conduct.
5.  Ensure Meeting Effectiveness
Develop procedures to enhance and tools to measure the effectiveness of board meetings.

6.  Develop Evidence of Board Role regarding Accreditation
Continue to measure and document the Board’s role in the accreditation process.
7.  Continue Board Professional Development
Encourage and support professional development of each board member including attendance at national, state and local conferences.     
8.  Monitor Institutional Effectiveness
Continue to monitor and measure effectiveness of the College at all levels. 

Archive of Board Priorities, Strategies and Plans