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Board Priorities

Governing Board
Fall 2016-Fall 2017 Priorities and Action Items

Approved by the Board on November 16, 2016

At the August 22-23, 2016 PCC Governing Board retreat, the following priorities and action items were identified. Action item progress will be evaluated as part of the annual Board Self Evaluation.

Strategic Direction 1: Reaffirm HLC accreditation and fully commit to the HLC guiding values

Board Action Items

a. Create an infrastructure that will institutionalize accreditation and compliance matters. Board will approve creation of compliance officer position along with reporting structure and individual department compliance responsibilities.

b. Monitor “continuous improvement” through review of newly established KPI’s.

Strategic Direction 2: Improve access and student success

Board Action Items

a. Adopt Developmental Education Board Policy - November 2016.

b. Strengthen Board Policies where necessary to reaffirm the College’s commitment to Open Admissions using tools such as the Student Access KPI report. Continuous monitoring through additional data and enrollment reports

c. Review the Progress in Student Success initiatives at monthly Board meetings and provide further direction as appropriate. Board approval of assistant to the Chancellor to facilitate this reporting.

d. Evaluate the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and VFA Student Outcomes report to provide further direction as appropriate

Strategic Direction 3: Strengthen the College's financial position

Board Action Items

a. Review of multiple projected budget scenarios to determine appropriate Board required action.

b. Strengthening of PCC Foundation – Governing Board to work with Foundation Board to establish expectations and goals.

c. Enrollment management and advertising strategies will be strengthened – Monitoring of Strategic Enrollment Management Plan via data dashboard items.

d. Support recruitment by attending more community events.

Strategic Direction 4: Improve responsiveness to the needs of business and industry and economic development opportunities

Board Action Items

a. Arrange meetings with the Workforce Investment Board, Sun Corridor, Inc. (formerly known as TREO) or other similar organizations to become more knowledgeable about the economic development needs in Pima County and Arizona.

b. Evaluate specific occupational program review reports and other reports to confirm that the College is meeting industry needs and provide further direction as appropriate. In addition to regular reports from the Vice President of Workforce Development, the Board expects a report on review, revision and action plan of advisory committees.

Strategic Direction 5: Increase diversity, inclusion, and global education

Board Action Items

a. Review and adopt updated Diversity policy if necessary and provide further direction as needed – Monitor actual diversity reporting for students, faculty, and administration.

b. Approve Diversity officer position and hiring of qualified candidate

c. Evaluate the global education plans at Governing Board meeting and provide further direction as needed.

Strategic Direction 6: Develop a culture of organizational learning, employee accountability, and employee development

Board Action Items

a. Model respect, civility, support for innovation, inclusivity and a spirit of inquiry at all Governing Board meetings.

b. Build camaraderie by encouraging the Chancellor to have more college and campus celebrations and team building events. Chancellor to provide Board with calendar of campus and community events with attendance by Board members encouraged when appropriate.

c. Incorporate an Innovation Showcase topic at select Governing Board meetings and/or study sessions and invite employees to present.

d. Expect improvement in all aspects of communication including requesting the Chancellor develop parameters on how to rollout major change initiatives.

Strategic Direction 7: Strengthen Organizational Functioning

Board Action Items

a. Analyze the recommendations of finalized Facility and Education Master plans. Prioritize approved actions based on plans and act to implement when required.

b. Review and approve 2016 – 2017 internal audit plan.

Strategic Direction 8: Improve Board Performance

Board Action Items

a. Collaborate with the Chancellor in developing regular meeting and study session agendas in keeping with the most important issues facing the College.

b. Individual Board members will meet regularly one on one with the Chancellor

c. Develop, refine, and update annual master calendar that includes regular meetings and study sessions, Board self-evaluation and Chancellor evaluation, and key events.

d. Develop Board meeting structure refinements to increase productivity.

Archive of Board Priorities, Strategies and Plans