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Finance and Audit Committee

As part of the College’s continued improvements in financial accountability and transparency, the College has created a Board of Governors Finance and Audit Committee. The Committee is structured to provide additional oversight and monitoring responsibilities of the College’s financial, audit, and investment related performance, policies, and procedures. The Committee should allow for better sharing of financial information with the Board of Governors and other constituencies including the public. Board Bylaws address Board committees and the process used by the Board to create committees. The Finance and Audit Committee was created as an advisory committee in compliance with Board Bylaws.

The Committee is made up of:

  • Two PCC Governing Board Members
  • Five to eight community representatives
    • Professionally knowledgeable about finance, accounting, auditing, and/or investments
    • Recommended by the chairperson of the Committee and appointed by the PCC Board of Governors

All members of the Committee shall be familiar with: 

  • The basics of PCC finance and accounting practices
  • Understand PCC’s business
  • Generally understand internal control and risk management frameworks
  • To obtain this familiarity and understanding, Committee members will be provided training conducted by PCC.

Length of service will be expected to be at least one year and will be a maximum of two three-year terms.  Due to the nature of some of the information that Committee members will work with, Committee members will be required to sign a confidentiality statement.

The Committee will meet no fewer than four times per year and more often as needed.  All Committee members are expected to attend each meeting, in person or via tele- or videoconference.  State of Arizona open meeting statutes A.R.S. §§ 38-431 to 431.09 will be applicable.

If you meet the qualifications above and are interested in becoming a member of the College’s Board of Governors’ Finance and Audit Committee, please email a letter of interest and your resume to

Current Committee Membership

PCC Governing Board members:

  • Sylvia Lee (Co-Chair)
  • Demion Clinco

Community Representatives:

  • Bert Landau
  • Jesus Manzanedo
  • Marie Nemerguth
  • Tracy Nuckolls (Chair)
  • Scott Odom
  • David Ortega
  • Adrianne Regrutto (Chair Elect)
  • Clarence Vatne