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Program Mission, Goals and Outcomes

Radiologic Technology Program Mission

The faculty of the Radiologic Technology program upholds the mission of Pima Community College by preparing highly qualified, entry-level radiographers. The program meets the radiologic health needs and expectations of the community through partnerships in clinical education with regional healthcare facilities. The program faculty will guide students in achieving the following skills, knowledge and values:

Radiologic Technology Program Goals

  1. Students demonstrate effective communication skills with the patient and health care team.
  2. Students demonstrate clinical competency requirements of an entry- level radiographer.
  3. Students demonstrate the critical thinking and problem solving skills that not only involve technical imaging considerations but also those related to patient needs and clinical restrictions.    
  4. Students demonstrate professional behavior and values consistent with the rules and code of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist and the code of ethics of the American Society of Radiologic technologists.   

Radiologic Technology Program Outcomes

Outcomes may vary depending on assessment results. 

  1. Students will demonstrate written communication competence.
  2. Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  3. Student will critique radiographic images for positioning accuracy.
  4. Students will select appropriate technical factors.
  5. Students will differentiate factors affecting image quality and image production.
  6. Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills in the clinical setting.
  7. Students will demonstrate professionalism, interpersonal skills and initiative in the clinical setting.
  8. Students will summarize their professional obligations as a radiographer.