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Students: Review your information to receive 1098T tax form

December 24, 2013

Does PCC have your Taxpayer ID and correct address? They’re needed to receive a 1098T tax form.

The 2013 IRS Form 1098T will be sent to students by January 31, 2014 or delivered electronically for those students who have elected that method. The 1098T is a Tuition Statement prepared annually by colleges and universities, and is sent to students to provide information about their tuition and fee charges for tax purposes.

This data can be used for the purpose of determining eligibility for educational tax credits, like the HOPE and Lifetime Learning education tax credits, and may be important for preparation of your 2013 income tax returns.

The IRS requires that the 1098T form contain the student’s Taxpayer ID (generally the Social Security Number) and address.  Any student eligible for a form 1098T, but who does not have a Taxpayer ID and valid address in the College records, will not receive a 1098T form.

To ensure you receive your form, please make sure the College has your Social Security Number and verify and update your address in MyPima.

Taxpayer ID and the 1098T form

If your Taxpayer ID is not on file, a notification has been sent to your current address on file.  To update your Taxpayer ID you can visit any campus student services center and present a government issued photo ID and you Social Security Card.

For more information go to the 1098T tax form webpage

Correct Address

The MyPima address is where your 1098T form will be sent, unless you elected electronic delivery, and is also the address used for other important correspondence, including refund checks. To update your address:

  • Log into MyPima
  • Under Quick Links, Select “Update Personal Information”
  • Select “Update Addresses and Phone”
  • Click “Current” next to the address you want to update
  • Make any changes needed
  • Enter an “End Date” only if you are sure you won’t be at that address. Note: if an end date is entered, no mail will be sent to that address after the end date and you will need to enter a new address before that date.
  • Click the “Submit” button

There are two address options, Mailing Address and Permanent Address.  Forms and other correspondence will be sent to the Mailing Address, if entered.  Otherwise, mailings will go to the Permanent Address.

Elect to receive your 1098T electronically

You can choose to receive your 1098T electronically rather than through the mail.  To do so, go to the MyPima Academics tab and click on MyAccountManager.  Accept the option that automatically is offered.