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Interim Chancellor Miles writes about PCC's 'fresh start'

The email message below was sent Wednesday, March 1 by Interim Chancellor Dr. Suzanne Miles to all Pima Community College employees. The PCC Governing Board voted unanimously to name Dr. Miles to the position at a Special Board Meeting on Feb. 29.

As many of you know, I accepted the position of Interim Chancellor of the College at last night’s Board of Governors meeting. I told the Board that it would be an honor to fill the position while the College conducts a national search for a successor to Dr. Roy Flores. The purpose of this email is to tell each of you that it is a great privilege for me to serve the students, staff and the community during this period of transition.

We are at the threshold of a new era at the College. The times call for a new direction that emphasizes participatory leadership and outreach to our many constituencies – neighborhoods, K-12, businesses, community and faith-based organizations, and local and state governments. But the College cannot reach out to others only occasionally, and only when we want something from them. We need to communicate regularly in an on-going effort to establish new connections and strengthen old ones.

We also need to listen as we seek to mend fences and address legitimate concerns. It was clear from the last two Board of Governors meetings that people care passionately about this institution. All of us, despite whatever differences we might have, want what’s best for the College. And if we are to achieve that common goal, we must have a community conversation in which everyone feels welcome.

But I want to stress that this is not a time for the College to go backward. I will do everything in my power as Interim Chancellor to move the College forward and build on our successes. As long as we remain focused on our students, we will be able to achieve our mission, to develop our community through learning.

In his nine years as our Chancellor, Dr. Flores set a high standard of leadership. He demanded much from us and, in turn, gave his all to the College. I believe we all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his dedication and hard work. But as Dr. Flores himself would remind us, change is not only constant, but desirable. So with your help, let us all work together, with our partners in the community we serve, to make the very most of this time of change.

Warm regards,

Dr. Suzanne Miles
Interim Chancellor