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College-Related Complaints (other than Faculty or Grade-related)

First review the Student Complaint Processes homepage for an overview of PCC's complaint processes.

A. Initial Complaint (other than Faculty or Grade-related)

  • The student should contact the area supervisor with any College-related complaint.  The area supervisor will then work with the student to resolve the student’s concern or complaint.
  • Students are advised that a concern or complaint will be most effectively addressed if the concern or complaint is brought forward within sixty (60) working days.
  • If the student does not agree with the initial discussion and any suggested resolution, the student may file a written complaint. The student shall contact the area supervisor to proceed with a written complaint.

B. Written Complaint (Other than Faculty or Grade-Related)

  • If the student believes the decision offered by the area supervisor did not provide a resolution, the student may file a written complaint. The written complaint must be filed within ten (10) College working days from the date of the initial resolution.
  • The area supervisor will meet with all relevant parties to investigate the complaint.  After this investigation is completed, the area supervisor will submit a written decision to the student. 
  • The area supervisor will have fifteen (15) College working days to investigate and respond to the student's written complaint.
  • The appropriate supervisor will address the complaint in one of the following ways: Offer a resolution to the complaint; dismiss the complaint; take appropriate actions (which may include training, counseling or corrective action with one or more parties involved in the complaint).

C. Appeal

  • If the student does not agree with the area supervisor’s written resolution, the student may file a written appeal to the appropriate administrator within  five (5) College working days.
  • The appropriate administrator will then have five (5) College working days after receipt of the written appeal to inform the student, and all other parties, in writing, of the final decision.
  • The appeal complaint decision is not subject to further appeals.