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Chronology of Activities

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June 28, 2013:  Self-study committee members held a kick-off meeting at the 29th Street Center, chaired by Provost Jerry Migler.  Additional information about these committees will be posted in the coming days.  View:  Video of the opening presentation | Powerpoint

June 25 and June 27, 2013: At its meetings, the Monitoring Report writing team edited its first draft of the report, tentatively scheduled to be posted on the PCC website in the first half of July.

June 21, 2013:  Provost Jerry Migler sends an emails employees announcing that the process for selecting committee memberships has been completed.

June 18 and June 20, 2013: At its meetings on June 18 and 20, the Monitoring Report writing team:

  • Met the Complaint/Grievance Oversight Team to give an overview and update of the Monitoring Report, and to discuss the oversight team’s charge, approach and organization.
  • Discussed details of posting on the PCC public website a draft of the Monitoring Report and an online survey for the public and College community to comment anonymously about the report.  The draft and survey are tentatively scheduled to be posted in the first half of July.

June 18, 2013:  The Monitoring Report Writing Team releases a revised draft outline of the report.

June 17, 2013:  Provost Migler invites the public to volunteer to serve on one of the PCC committees that will spearhead the effort to address deficiencies in College operations.  PCC is looking for two dozen volunteers.  Migler noted that serving on the committees will require a considerable time commitment.  Meetings could be weekly or bi-weekly, with the possibility of additional work. 

Volunteer survey forms are due by 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 25.  Those selected to serve will be notified by email and/or phone call no later than June 27.

June 14, 2013: Kay McClenney, a nationally respected expert on community college student success, held sessions with community leaders, faculty, the Board and held a public forum on college completion and developmental education. View: Video* | PowerPoint Presentation {*Note: A portion of the presentation - where an external video was shown - has been deleted from the video due to copyright restrictions}

June 11 and 13, 2013:  At its meetings on June 11 and June 13, the Monitoring Report writing team discussed:

  1. The need to form a team to follow up on curriculum issues, similar to the Complaints/Grievances Oversight Team.
  2. The need to include staff instructors, including those in Adult Education, the Center for Training and Development, developmental education and occupational education, in the in the section of the report addressing Assumed Practice B.2.c(3), regarding faculty qualifications.
  3. Ways that drafts of the report will be disseminated to internal and external constituencies.

June 11, 2013:  Provost Migler, Vice Provost Martinez Sanchez and Senior Assistant to the Provost Duran-Cerda held two one-hour sessions for supervision discussing the process for preparing the monitoring report and self-study.  View video [transcript] of the 4 p.m. session.

June 10, 2013:  Vice Provost Martinez Sanchez sends a reminder to employees about volunteering for Self-Study committees.

June 7, 2013:  At its weekly meeting, the Monitoring Report writing team:

  • Learned of the creation of the Complaint/Grievance Oversight Team, and agreed to brief the team June 18 on its progress in addressing Assumed Practice A.4
  • Received updates from team members regarding progress gathering information and outlining sections of the Monitoring Report, with a goal of soon creating a compilation of separate sections into one document.
  • Agreed to meet twice a week, starting the week of June 10

June 4, 2013:  Provost Migler sends a communication to employees outlining how to learn more about the HLC criteria and assumed practices.

June 3, 2013:  Vice Provost Martinez Sanchez sends a series of communications to employees on the following subjects:

May 30, 2013: At its weekly meeting, the Monitoring Report writing team:

  • Learned that Incoming Chancellor Lambert has indicated the Chancellor’s Office will help lead an effort to work with the Governing Board to revise its bylaws in order to re-establish compliance with Assumed Practice A.4. The revision will be the basis for a new paradigm for the Board-Chancellor relationship.
  • Identified several modest, common-sense improvements in College operations related to A.4, such as the posting of Governing Board bylaws on the website, and the elimination of out-of-date-complaint procedures from the website. These improvements can form the foundation for more substantial changes to come.
  • Discussed next steps for the Complaint/Grievance Oversight Team, comprising representatives from all segments of the College community. The team’s charge is to bring the College into full compliance with A.4 by evaluating the writing team’s preliminary recommendations for substance and complete-ability by July 2014. The C/GOT’s input will begin a collaborative process of refinement leading to a final Monitoring Report that reflects the insights of those responsible for implementing its recommendations.
  • Assigned deadlines and authors to items 2-4 of Assumed Practice B.2.c.

May 16, 2013: The Monitoring Report Writing Team focused on progress updates from team members, who have has been assigned areas to research and write about.  Current activities are centered on documenting existing processes and procedures for complaints from all constituencies (Assumed Practice A.4.) and for faculty oversight of curriculum (Assumed Practice B.2.C.1.).

May 15, 2013:  Provost Jerry Migler sends a communication to students with an update on Pima's plans to address HLC concerns.

May 9, 2013:  At its second meeting, the Monitoring Report writing committee decided to benchmark complaint and grievance procedures at peer institutions in order to put current PCC procedures into sharper context. The committee also decided to conduct a wide-ranging exploration of best practices regarding complaints and grievances. Both activities are being undertaken to establish conformity with HLC Assumed Practice A.4.

The committee also discussed ways to receive community feedback as it prepares the report. It also was announced that Duff Galda, an instructional faculty member in Education at Community Campus, has joined the committee.

May 8, 2013:  The Board and College community were updated on preparations underway for HLC required reports.  View email to College community | View presentation to the Board

May 2-3, 2013:  Karen Solomon, Pima’s HLC liaison, and Dr. Cecilia López, an education consultant who is currently with the City Colleges of Chicago, visit Pima to provide information and offer insights.

April 24, 2013:  The Monitoring Report writing committee held its first meeting to organize and plan activities so that the College can file the report with the Higher Learning Commission no later than August 1, 2013.  The report will outline Pima's plan to conform with HLC practices relating to complaints and grievance procedures, and to faculty oversight of curriculum.