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Pima County Community College District Standard Practice Guide

SPG Title: Emeritus Status
SPG Number:
Effective Date: 5/17/05
Approval Date: 5/17/05
Review Date(s):  3/15/07
Revision Date(s):
Schedule for Review & Update:
Unit Responsible for Review & Update:   
Sponsoring Unit/Department: Chancellor
Regulation Title & No.: Recognition at Board of Governors Meeting, RG-4004/AA
Board Policy Title & No.: Employee Development, BP-4004
Legal Reference:
Cross Reference:
Student Success, BP-3509


The Chancellor’s Cabinet may consider nominations for Emeritus Status from any of the approved College governance review bodies or any member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet.


Eligible Faculty or Administrator
A retired full-time faculty member or administrator is eligible for Emeritus Status three years after his/her date of retirement.  Under special circumstances, Emeritus Status may be awarded posthumously.

The Board of Governors confers Emeritus Status on distinguished individuals, retired from the College, to signify honor and respect for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the College.  This distinction is a tribute to the special relationship that has existed between the College and these individuals.

Faculty and administrators receiving such as award exemplify the characteristics of ideal community college educators who, through their professional careers at Pima Community College, have contributed significantly to disciplines or services, professional organizations, their campuses, the central office, the College District, and the Pima community.

Nominations must be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office by May 1st of each year.  Board action and the ceremony to honor the Emeriti recipients may occur at either the spring or fall meeting following the submission by the Chancellor.

1.  A maximum of three candidates may receive Emeritus Status per academic year.

2.  The Chancellor’s Cabinet may select and recommend three candidates from both faculty and administrators, all faculty, or all administrators in any given year.  It is also possible there may be no candidates for Board approval in a particular year.

3.  Nominations must include a written statement addressing each criterion for selection: significant contributions to or accomplishments in 1) the discipline or service area, 2) professional organizations, 3) campuses, 4) the central office, 5) the College district, and 6) the Pima community.  Sufficient information must be provided to prepare a Board report and resolution for presentation to the final candidate.

4.  The candidate(s) for Emeritus Status will be approved by the Board of Governors and honored at a subsequent regularly scheduled Board meeting.  A framed resolution will be presented by the Board Chair to the recipient.


Faculty and Administrators can be recognized according to the standards of this SPG and awarded emeritus status.