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Pima County Community College District Regulation

Regulation Title:  Program Review
Regulation Number:  RG-3105/D
Approval Date:  8/15/00
Review Date(s):               
Revision Date(s):   
Sponsoring Unit/Department:  AVC Educational Services
Board Policy Title & No.: Curriculum, BP-3105
Legal Reference:                 
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The purpose of this regulation is to establish responsibility for the Program Review process.  All instructional and student development programs will undergo program review every three years according to the published/established schedule. 


Program review is the process for evaluating a program to improve, enhance, and/or determine the viability of the program.  The process is a series of steps involving faculty, staff, and administrators in the preparation of a self-study document, and a group of persons from outside of the college to provide external review.  The Deans of Instruction are to provide mid-year and yearly updates on the progress of each program in addressing the recommendations approved by Cabinet. 

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Governors authorizes the Chancellor who delegates authority through the Senior Vice Chancellor for Educational Development and Planning to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services responsibility for coordination of and ensuring adherence to the Program Review process.

The Program Review process requires the participation of the Office of Research and Planning; the Deans of Instruction and the Deans of Student Development, as appropriate to program being reviewed; program faculty/staff and Division Deans; and the Chancellor's Cabinet.  An external review panel is named by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Services with recommendations from the program faculty.

The Office of Research Planning compiles the data package that includes research crucial to the review of the program.  The package includes but is not limited to: questions to be responded to in the self-study, enrollment data, retention data, faculty evaluation results.  The Assistant Vice Chancellors for Educational Services and Research and Planning are responsible for conducting orientation sessions with faculty and Deans.

The Deans of Instruction and/or the Deans of Student Development and appropriate Division Deans must review the self-study with program faculty, work with faculty/staff on responses to external review and to Cabinet recommendations, and submit mid-year and yearly reports. 

The program faculty and staff, if appropriate, are to work with the Deans and Division Deans to choose representative faculty/staff to write the self-study with input from colleagues, using the data package provided by Research and Planning.  The faculty/staff are to compose the self-study in 7-10 working days.  The faculty will present a brief report on its program findings and recommendations to the Cabinet.

An external review panel is composed of university, community college, high school, business and industry, adult basic education and Pima Community College related area faculty representatives, as appropriate.  This panel is responsible for providing an objective review of the self-study prepared by the faculty, thus the program, and providing recommendations for improvement/enhancement as well as commendations.

The Chancellor's Cabinet is responsible for reviewing the program review inclusive of the self-study, external review panel report, and faculty response to the external review report.  The Cabinet will respond to the faculty with a request for an action plan for addressing specific program recommendations or additional conclusions resulting from Cabinet discussions.  The Cabinet approves all expenditures of program review funds.