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Board Policies


BP-1101: Prime Policy

BP-1102: Interim Policies

BP-1201: Regulations and Standard Practice Guides

BP-1301: Signature Authority for Leases

BP-1302: Contracts

BP-1401: Governance

BP-1402:  Conflict of Interest

BP-1403:  Records Management, Retention and Disposition

BP-1501: Equal Employment Opportunity, ADA, Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (including Sexual Harassment)

BP-1502: College Organization

BP-1504: Institutional Effectiveness

BP-1505: Institutional Security

BP-1601: Athletic Mission and Principles

BP-2301: Assessment and Development of College Facilities

BP-2302: Architect Selection

BP-2303: Environmental Health and Safety

BP-2304: Smoking, E-Cigarette and Tobacco Product Use Limitations on College Property

BP-2402: Audits

BP-2403: Budget Control

BP-2405: Interfund Loans

BP-2409: Risk Management

BP-2411: Warrants and Disbursements

BP-2412: College Travel Expenses

BP-2501: Operations and Maintenance

BP-2502: Transportation

BP-2503: Use of Facilities

BP-2504: Approval of "In House" Capital Improvement Projects

BP-2602: Disposition of Equipment, Personal Property and Supplies

BP-2701: Copyright

BP-2702: Copyright Ownership

BP-3001: Faculty Standards and Qualifications

BP-3101: Assessment of Credit for Prior Learning

BP-3103: Attendance

BP-3104: Catalog

BP-3105: Curriculum

BP-3108: Grading

BP-3109: Honors

BP-3110: Student Classification and Standing

BP-3111: Transfer Students and Credit

BP-3112: Equal Educational Opportunity

BP-3113: Class Orientation

BP-3114: Developmental Education/College Preparatory Programs

BP-3115: International Education

BP-3116: Educational Contract Training and Services

BP-3117: General Education

BP-3118:  Access to Learning

BP-3121: Minority Education

BP-3122: Academic Advising

BP-3201:  Occupational Program External Advisory Committees

BP-3202:  Course Materials

BP-3501:  Admissions and Registration

BP-3502: Official Student Records

BP-3503: Financial Aid

BP-3504: Student Conduct and Ethics

BP-3505: Student Organizations

BP-3506: Limited Enrollment (Selective Admissions)

BP-3509: Student Success


BP-3603: Disabled Student Resources

BP-3604: Library Services

BP-3605: Public Access and Expression on College Property

BP-4001: Meet and Confer with Employee Representatives

BP-4001.01: Faculty Personnel Policy Statement

BP-4001.02: Classified Exempt Personnel Policy Statement

BP-4001.03: Classified Non-Exempt Personnel Policy Statement

BP-4003: Outside Employment

BP-4004: Employee Development

BP-4005: Employee Benefit Plan - District Board Participation

BP-4006: Drug Free Workplace

BP-4101: Employment and Reassignment of Executive Level Administrators

BP-4102: Appointment of Acting Administrators

BP-4201: Personnel Policy Statement for College Employees

BP-4203: Administrative Personnel Policy Statement

BP-4301: Workplace Violence Prevention

BP-5101: Public Information

BP-5501: Application for Grants

BP-5502:  Receipt of Gifts

BP-5503: Building and Facilities Naming

BP-5601: Institutional Research

BP-5602: Data and Information Sharing

BP-5603:  Research Involving Human Subjects

BP-5701: College Publications

BP-5702: Information Technology Resource Management