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Pima County Community College District Board Policy

Board Policy Title:  Employment and Reassignment of Executive Level Administrators
Board Policy Number: BP-4101
Adoption Date: 10/21/81
Revision Date(s):   2/27/12
Schedule for Review & Update: 
Unit Responsible for Review & Update: Chancellor / Vice Chancellor for Human Resources          
Sponsoring Unit/Department:
 Chancellor / Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Motion Number: 2710, 2711
Legal Reference:    A.R.S. §15-1444        
Cross Reference:

It shall be the policy of the Board to appoint members of the executive level of administrators, based upon the nomination of the Chief Executive Officer.  The executive level administrators shall consist of the Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, and Campus Presidents.

Whenever the Chief Executive Officer shall have determined to nominate a person for full-time professional employment, the Chief Executive Officer may, prior to appointment by the Board, negotiate with such person a contract of employment, which contract shall be in accordance with the executive salary schedule and be expressly subject to approval by the Board.

No contract for employment of the executive level administrator shall become effective until approved by the Board. 

Prior to initial employment, the qualifications of candidates shall be outlined to the Board and a report made that (1) the candidates meet the criteria and qualifications for the position and (2) reasonable good faith efforts have been employed to recruit and select women and racial/ethnic minority candidates.  Furthermore, all policies, regulations and procedures for employment of personnel, including Affirmative Action shall be rigidly adhered to.

Furthermore, it shall be the policy of the College to encourage the lateral reassignment of the executive to ensure successful completion of College priorities, as well as to provide varied professional growth.